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Friday, 9 September 2011

Spring Brings the Stirring of Life and Cryptids

Not an abundance of activity at the moment, it’s sort of the calm before the storm scenario.
We are just coming into spring so nature is gradually awakening.

Of great excitement the other week was a sighting of the Canterbury Panther, regrettably the media in this country are sadly lacking in who to contact in these cases, so I learned about it through the media, not the best of ways if you want to avoid sensationalisation.

Fortunately due to complaining about the lack of proper research covering this sort of thing the gentleman who had the sighting was kind enough to contact me by email himself and gave me an excellent account of events.

I have also had confirmation of at least 3 – yes 3 other sightings of the same beast in the same vicinity. I’m in the process of following up with dates and more data. Ohhhhh for the finances for an expedition.

One of these sightings occurred at night and from a distance of 25m and showed the classic “Black figure with gleaming yellow eyes staring back at us”. The many encounters with these large black cats certainly leave no doubt that Canterbury has a resident population of big cat.
The Department of Conservations excuse of 14 kg feral cats is beginning to wear rather thin, especially with Canterbury residents and especially with people like Mr Hasson and Oatshott who have seen this thing up close and personal.

Another point of excitement was an email I recently received of strange happenings at a farm in Tongaporutu, North Taranaki. The first incident involved something large crashing through scrub on an isolated area of the farm and startling a herb of sheep, which emerged from the scrub very panicked and as if something large was in pursuit of them.

The second more interestingly involved screams which came from up a nearby gully, coming from a broad area of bush in broad daylight. This was heard by two witnesses in two separate locations.

Two very distinct screams.

One witness described it as “a high pitch, like a cow that had been bellowing and bellowing for hours and its voice had gone horse”.

Alfie Lovell, who’s family had owned the neighbouring farm for generations also admitted that he had also heard these mysterious screams from time to time.

After this incident the thing was given the name “Hutiwai Yeti” by the family and become quite a part of the family history. These events happened between 1988 – 1990. It’s refreshing to get such reports as it gives hope that remnant populations of these creatures may just hang on still.
My sincere thanks go to both James Hasson and Petrina Putt for submitting these reports

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